January 2010:  Gables Group Shuts Counterfeit Operation in Mexic

Gables Director Receives D.E.A. Award

Gables Group Director Receives Award from Mexico's Attorney General

Gables Group Receives Award from F.B.I. Director

Gables Group Director Aids Officer's Defense

Gables Group Helps Local Police Put Career Criminal On Ice


International Piracy & Counterfeiting:
A Cash Machine For Terror Groups

Today’s pirates command factories full of expensive duplicating and manufacturing equipment, turning out a host of counterfeit consumer and business products.

Our partners have operated in some of the most active counterfeiting hotspots, achieving success in areas formerly regarded as hopeless and/or dangerous by American firms.

Amongst our successes have been the identification, investigation and dismantling of multiple international organized crime groups operating across several continents.

The United States government has called upon our principals, on several occasions, to host visiting officials of friendly governments and provide targeted briefings on anti-counterfeiting operations and training.

Our founding director, Jorge Foch, has been a leader in the development and implementation of a multi-national effort to combat organized piracy for a worldwide industry trade group. He has authored a five-hundred page policy manual for investigating pirate operations, and has frequently lectured to government prosecutors and police officials in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru.

Prosecutors in a major Asian city presented successful cases against several organized crime figures based on the worldwide findings of one of our directors.

In a previous investigation, highlighted in the South American media,the activities of an international criminal enterprise (based in the Middle East, with documented connections to known terrrorist organizations),were identified and terminated.

In the United States, the firm’s principals have extensive experience as investigators and expert witnesses (and as instructors to federal agents) in complex racketeering and money laundering investigations.

If you would like to put this experience to work for your firm, and mitigate the losses and brand dilution that result from widespread counterfeit activities, please Contact The Gables Group  at 1-888-535-2160 (U.S.) or +1.206.337.0035 (International Calls) for a free consultation.

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