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Risk Consulting

Anti-Piracy Investigations

Worldwide Seizures of
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International Fraud Investigations

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Investigation of Complex Derivatives Transactions

Investigation of Complex Transactions

Locating and Protecting Assets and Personnel
in Foreign Countries

If your firm has substantial financial exposure to complex frauds and/or bankruptcies, we can help.

The Gables Group’s directors offer comprehensive fraud investigation experience, including investigative and "paralegal" support for litigators in the most complex matters (e.g. - derivatives,Lanham Act, RICO...), and the protection of physical assets and personnel for those tasked to potentially dangerous foreign locations.

Whether your firm requires assistance evaluating derivatives transactions (swaps, forwards, options, etc.), assisting counsel in reviewing Chapter 11 filings and evaluating their completeness and accuracy, or assistance in the field inspecting overseas assets (pipelines, plants, etc.) and protecting your associates (in areas where the safety of your personnel might be in question), The Gables Group can offer immediate assistance.

With extensive past experience trading energy derivatives; constructing and liquidating large positions during similar market disruptions; serving on a prominent exchange's Delivery Committee; and reviewing questionable derivatives transactions for litigants in the U.S. District Courts. We can offer immediate subject matter expertise, allowing your investigation to proceed expediantly.

In previous high-profile commodity litigation, we have identified trading irregularities and egregious violations of the United States Code (including violations of the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, the Sherman Anti-trust Act, and the Commodity Exchange Act). We have uncovered documentary and testimonial evidence necessary to support successful actions and the damage claims thereunder.

Several of our directors are currently operating in unsettled and violence torn countries where assets, joint venture partners, and local regulators may be located. Their recent operational experience includes extensive counter-kidnapping (protective, training and negotiating) assignments for multi-national firms, and sovereign states.

Our directors and associates, highly trained men and women who have served in various overseas liaison positions with several government agencies and with international trade associations, look forward to assisting your firm in improving the lines of communication in many foreign lands. Call us direct on 1-888-535-2160 or +1.206.337.0035, or E-Mail Us to learn how The Gables Group can immediately assist your firm in documenting and protecting your assets and/or claims, and your personnel, regardless of location.

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