Gables Director Receives D.E.A. Award

Gables Group Director Receives Awards from Attorney General
of Mexico

Gables Group Receives Award from F.B.I. Director

Gables Group Director Aids Officer's Defense

Gables Group Helps Local Police Put Career Criminal On Ice

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Gables Group Director Helps Imprison
Career Criminal Who Threatened a Witness

Circuit Court for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit
Miami-Dade County, Florida

The Gables Group was pleased to provide "pro bono" investigative assistance and subject matter expertise to enable a local police department to charge a career criminal with organized fraud and threatening of a witness.

The offender, whose lengthy criminal record included convictions for armed robbery and battery on a police officer, had long victimized Americans by illicitly obtaining their telephone credit card numbers and selling those numbers to foreign tourists. After a local hotel owner and prominent community renewal activist barred the offender from her premises, the offender boldly returned and threatened her life.

Making use of extensive experience in complex mail and wire fraud cases, and in protective services, members of the firm assisted local police and prosecutors by drawing up arrest affidavits and proposed felony informations. Guilty pleas, resulting in the offender's incarceration, were successfully negotiated.

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