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The Gables Group, Inc., an international risk consulting firm, is dedicated to assisting corporate, governmental, and individual clients in mitigating the risks of international criminal offenses.

Our firm's principals have Proven Experience and Expertise In international fraud investigations, anti-counterfeiting operations, counterterror planning, and law enforcement training programs.

A great deal of this experience and expertise has been gained in areas of the world from where some of today's major risks now eminate.

The firm’s reputation for excellence has been noted on several occasions, as Gables Group principals have been recognized for achievements in intelligence gathering and training (in support of government personnel), and in enforcement activities.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Gables Group principals are active in investigations in many countries on several continents.

Call us at 1-844-300-9210 (US only) or +1-206-337-0035 (outside the US) to learn how The Gables Group can be of assistance in analyzing and mitigating product counterfeiting and international criminal activity that might be threatening or victimizing your firm.

Gables Group Closes
Counterfeit Product Operation 
in Mexico

(January 31, 2010) The Gables Group, Inc., in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico, directed and effectuated the shuttering of a "vertically integrated" (manufacturing, wholesale and retail) counterfeit goods operation based in Mexico City, D.F. that offered it's illicit products throughout Mexico.

This enterprise had brazenly supplied Mexican government agencies, private businesses, and the general public with dangerous counterfeit chemical products, masquerading as an internationally respected brand.

The year-long investigation began upon receipt of a report that wholesale quantities of counterfeit product had been sold, and were being offered for sale, in several locations across Mexico.

Although bearing labels that closely resembled those of our client's respected product, these counterfeit goods were, in actuality, dangerous chemicals that threatened public safety.

Our agents located sources, purchased counterfeit product in several Mexican cities, and subsequently identified the location of the prime manufacturing facility.

After the preparation and presentation of requisite documentation and supporting pleadings, government officials (search warrant in hand) conducted a raid of the afore-referenced factory (located in a remote location outside the capital). Agents seized containers, counterfeit labels, and samples of the recently manufactured counterfeit product.

Owing to the extensive support and perseverance of the Office of Attorney General, further search and arrest warrants were obtained.

On the evening of 9 September, 2009, agents of the Policia Federal Ministerial (PFM) raided and closed a retail location in Mexico City, seized additional stockpiles of counterfeit product, and arrested the manager on duty. Intelligence obtained from the raid, coupled with substantial evidence previously gathered by Gables Group sources, resulted in the issuance of an arrest warrant for the apparent mastermind of the counterfeit operation. Federal officials promptly executed the warrant, resulting in the subject's immediate incarceration.

Hijacking the names of respected manufacturers, and claiming legitimacy via the use of nearly identical counterfeit labels and/or product designs, professional, well organized criminal enterprises defraud and endanger the public, and threaten the reputations and financial results of legitimate manufacturers. Close cooperation between industry and governmental officials is necessary to ensure the prompt and efficient "rolling up" of these pirate entities.

The Gables Group would like to thank the employees and prosecutors within The Office of The Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico, for their painstaking dedication and invaluable assistance herein.

Gables Group Director Re-elected
as IACP Section Chair

October, 2009

The Gables Group's Director of Medical Legal Research, Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki, has been reelected Chair of The Police Physicians Section of The International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Dr. Czarnecki Serves as Moderator For IACP Medical Panel Discussion

October 2007

Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D. served as Moderator for The Police Physicians Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police ("IACP"), during its October 13-14, 2007 session, held during the annual meeting of IACP. 

On October 14, Dr. Czarnecki presented "Update on Electronic Control Weapons: Review of the Recent Medical Publications and Recommendations."

He also served as a panel member for the "Occupational Medicine" forum, held on October 13, and for the "Excited Delirium" forum held on October 14.


Dr. Czarnecki Delivers                   Tactical First Aid Seminars to
Law Enforcement Agencies

The Gables Group's Director of Medical Research, Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki, presented his well received interactive seminar, "Tactical First Aid", to law enforcement agencies in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, and to local, state and federal agencies at a federal facility on Long Island, New York.

This program, designed to aid law enforcement officers in dealing with gunshot and edged-weapon wounds, has been developed in conjunction with well-known firearms and defensive tactics instructor John Holschen (formerly a senior instructor at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center at Fort Bragg, and one of the nation's leaders in firearms and defensive tactics training for law enforcement personnel).

The program, which has been accredited by MIEMSS (Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems), the Maryland State EMS agency, and MPCTC (Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions), was alsol presented at ILEETA's April 2008 annual conference and training seminar.

Three Articles on Officer Safety Published in Medical Periodical

The August 2003 edition of
 the medical journal
"Clinics in Occupational and Environmental Medicine - Law Enforcement Worker Health" contained three articles by Dr. Czarnecki: "The Pregnant Officer",
"Chemical Hazards in Law Enforcement" and "Ergonomics and Safery in Law Enforcement".

Gables Group Director Authors
Featured Article :
"Law Enforcement Response
To WMD Attacks"

The January 2002 issue of American Police Beat, the nation's largest newspaper with an audited circulation targeted exclusively to law enforcement officers, features a front page article by our Director of Medical/Legal Research, Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki.

Gables Group Medical Research Director Speaks at NYPD Forum

Gables Group Director of Medical/Legal Research Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D., M.P.H., presented a one-hour briefing on "Security Director Responses to NBC Threats" at the NYPD Academy in October, 2001. This presentation, prepared for the NYPD's "APPL" program was delivered to over 700 corporate security directors and officials.

Put The Gables Group's International Operational Experience To Work for You

The Gables Group can offer customized programs to meet the informational and planning needs of government agencies and corporate clients. Your agency or firm can utilize the extensive operational and tactical experience of The Gables Group's directors and associates to meet today's international security and/or intelligence challenges. 

Contact us at:

1-844-300-9210 or +1.206.337.0035

to learn how The Gables Group may be of assistance.

Our Experience
Our firm's principals, having extensive international experience, are frequent lecturers at prestigious academies and law enforcement forums.

Gables Group Shuts Down Multi-Million Dollar
Internet and Telephone Fraud

June 2007

Working in conjunction with contacts on several continents, The Gables Group successfully shut down several fraudulent internet websites, operated from Southeast Asia (and hosted in several European countries).

Falsely using the names of highly respected international firms, and claiming legitimacy via well designed, sophisticated, websites, this highly professional, well organized criminal enterprise fleeced unsuspecting investors out of tens of millions of dollars, before the plugs were pulled on their various sites.

Tracing the web hosts to Romania, Ireland and France, the firm's investigators were able to take down the sites, sometimes as quickly as the day that they sprang up.

The client's commitment to protecting their good name, and to aid unwary investors, allowed the firm to move far more expeditiously than official civil investigations, saving many investors from certain losses.


The Gables Group Delivers Comprehensive Report to Distinguished State Police Agency

March 2006

The Gables Group, Inc. of  Miami, Florida, was honored to have been chosen by The Texas Department of Public Safety to perform an evaluation of the agency’s trooper-trainee active countermeasures training.

Department officials decided to examine the training after DPS recruit Jimmy Ray Carty died from injuries he sustained during active countermeasures training in May 2005.

The evaluation was performed by Dr. Richard J. Miller and Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki.

Dr. Miller is the former director of Federal Law Enforcement Medical Programs for Federal Occupational Health in Atlanta, Georgia. He also is a medical consultant with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia.

Dr. Czarnecki is an attending physician in the emergency department of St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland, and also is a medical consultant with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

The firm began the project in late January, 2006 and delivered the final evaluation and recommendations to DPS  in early March, 2006.

On November 10, 2006, the Texas House of Representatives' Committee on Law Enforcement issued a report on DPS Trooper training, pursuant to an  assignment received from the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Committee's report noted that, as a result of the Gables Group's study, trooper training had been "changed entirely", and that "the Department's implementation of the new training has reduced injuries significantly in both numbers and severity".

The report conluded by observing that "the Defensive Tactics training currently in use by the Department incorporates all the major recommendations made by the consulting medical doctors of The Gables Group Inc. These changes have resulted in Defensive Tactics training that is not only safer but more effective".

View The House Commitee on Law Enforcement Report

View Full text of the report

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