Gables Director Receives D.E.A. Award

Gables Group Director Receives Award from Mexico's Attorney General

Gables Group Receives Award from F.B.I. Director

Gables Group Director Aids Officer's Defense

Gables Group Helps Local Police Put Career Criminal On Ice

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Substantial International Experience and Recognition

The Gables Group staff is comprised of former federal agents, law enforcement and intelligence officers, medical experts, and business executives with substantial experience. These men and women have been recognized by their peers, and clients, as experts in law, medicine, international trade, diplomacy, business consulting and intelligence gathering.

Our unique blend of expertise, talent and substantial international experience distinguishes us from many other firms, and enables us to offer consultative assistance and operational capabilities in challenging cross-border investigations.

Attorneys, corporate clients and public officials have often given recognition to the principals of our firm. Some of the public recognition received by our principals may be reviewed via the links on the right hand side of this page. Summaries detailing the backgrounds and experiences of our principals may be viewed by utlilizing the pull-down menu at left.

Members of the firm provide training, consultative and operational support to law enforcement agencies in several countries, international business trade groups, multi-national corporations and individual clients.

Amongst our support operations have been lectures on intelligence gathering provided to U.S. Agents at the FBI Academy,Quantico, Virginia, courses on investigative techniques presented to police officals and agents of the National Police in Asuncion, Paraguay, and lectures on international organized crime delivered to an audience of government prosecutors in Mexico City, Mexico.

These and other (non-published) programs and operational successes have earned The Gables Group a worldwide reputation for skill, integrity and dedication to our clients.

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